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XXL Makeup Pod & Mixing Pan

by M.Y.O
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M·Y·O Makeup Pod™ & Mixing Pan: (the original) Secure sealing and refillable 'transparent' M·Y·O Makeup Pods assists to instantly and always see what product is in each of your pods. Use your Mixing Pan to create a custom foundation color, pop it in your XXL Makeup Pod and it's ready for easy touch-ups. Or, put a small amount of powder on a Powder Puff and you're ready to de-shine anytime. Pop in a few cotton pads, bobby pins, earrings, the possibilities are endless. Daily use, great for travel, the gym, or touch-ups throughout the day. Your XXL Makeup Pod magnetically fits inside our Black and Transparent Lid Pro M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases. 

  • Clean: Soap & Water / 99% Alcohol
  • Sanitize: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 
  • Disinfect: such as Barbicide/Lucas-cide/Force of Nature
  • If using an oil based product, drop a small amount of 99% alcohol inside your Makeup Pod, soak, wipe clean and then sterilize with 70% alcohol
  • FDA, RoHS and REACH compliant, BPA and Leach Free
  • ​Air and water resistant seal
  • Recyclable material #5
  • Holds 58mm round pans

Note: We DO NOT recommend storing pressed pan makeup in the XXL size Makeup Pod as it has a plastic bump inside the bottom which may make your pan makeup crack. Some Makeup Artists file the bump down to store pressed pan makeup.