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Viseart Petites Shimmers Sultry Muse

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Sultry Muse -  twelve luscious hues in satin, shimmer, and metallic finishes - a sumptuous box of dainty chocolates and bonbons for all! Highlight and define for a subtle glow or create show-stopping smoky eyes.

The opulent shades of the Sultry Muse palette offer a myriad of shimmery finishes. These hues were created backstage by Anastasia V. Sparrow on Hollywood, NYC, and Parisian film sets for top-tier makeup artists! They’re perfect for creating chic, elegant, and fashion-forward eye looks, as well as for highlighting and defining the face. Illuminate with nuanced soft shimmers or create show-stopping drama with this palette’s gorgeous array of dazzling hues

Use a damp brush to subtly define.  Conversely amp up the intensity by foiling the hues with your favorite silicone-free mixing medium for a high shine, long-lasting look!

Shade 1: Yves - Warm white satin with a metallic crystalline shimmer finish.

Shade 2: Camille - Soft light rose-brown nude with a metallic finish.

Shade 3: Kifu - Warm light champagne beige with a satin shimmer finish.

Shade 4: Melissa - Light golden brown nude with a foiled metallic finish.

Shade 5: Tym - Rose pink with a foiled metallic finish.

Shade 6: Jori - Rich dark chocolate brown with a foiled metallic finish.

Shade 7: Cindi - Deep copper with a foiled metallic finish.

Shade 8: Mattias - Deep rosy burgundy with a metallic foil finish.

Shade 9: Chloe - Silver metallic with a crystalline shimmer finish.

Shade 10: Melonie - Rose with a foiled metallic finish.

Shade 11: Xander - Charcoal grey with a metallic shimmer finish.

Shade 12: Francheska - Soft yellow gold nude with a satin shimmer finish.