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Viseart Minxette ÉTENDU Eye Shadow Palette

by Viseart
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Meet Minxette - the sumptuous seductress from the new Étendu collection!  Inspired by the shades in the coveted Theory Minx eyeshadow palette, this foxy femme fatale knows how to turn heads with effortless ease.  Minxette features an extended range of warm mid-tone mattes, sizzling shimmers, and dynamic duochromes that pay homage to the heritage of the original Minx palette.  Six velvety matte hues expand the collection with wearable warmth, offering new and essential shades to line, define, and create depth, while six sensual shimmer shadows captivate eyes with irresistible charm!  The flirtatious Minxette is a vivacious palette capturing the resplendence of late autumn, sashaying her way towards winter and sassing throughout daytime meetings into glorious simmering sunsets.

Minxette is earthy, alive, refined, sensual, with a golden and glistening pop, for those who like relaxed and easy sexiness, to those who can't, or simply don't want to shout in bright colour. 

Minxette is housed in our new, patent-pending Étendu packaging.   1.5 gram magnetic pans allow for the shades to be mixed and matched between the Petits Fours, Singles, and Étendu collections.

Shade Descriptors: 

• Shade 1: Pêche II - Lightest beige with peach undertone in a matte finish.
Use: All over lid shade for all skin tones, use as a highlight to lighten under the brow.

• Shade 2: Suede  - Warm champagne with a metallic satin finish.
Use: All over satin lid shade for all skin tones. Use it as a highlight in the center of the eyelid bringing focus to your eye-color, and to brighten the eyes. Tap on as a highlighter for cheeks and to add satin finish to your blush. Also use as a highlight under the brow.

• Shade 3: Savarin - Creamy neutral warm, light mid-tone with a matte finish. 
Use: All over lid shade for all skin tones, use as a crease colour, and in brows. Shade can be used as a contour for cheeks.

• Shade 4: Cognac - Terracotta nude with a matte finish. 
Use: All over lid shade for all skin tones, use as a crease colour, also can be added to other shades to create blush and bronzer tones for light to medium toned skin. 

• Shade 5: Sable - Milk chocolate brown with a matte finish.
Use: All over lid tone for a smokey chocolate eye, use as a base tone for deeper skin, a crease colour and can be used in brows. Use this shade as an eyeliner. Mix with other tones to create a contour tone for cheeks for mid-deep to olive warm complexions. 

• Shade 6: Ember - Bright orange copper with a satin metallic duochrome finish.
Use: Use this tone as a lay-over tone over matte shades to bring brightness, use as an all over tone- can also be paired with the two lighter satins as a bronzer for light to medium skin and to highlight deeper skin.

• Shade 7: Apricot - Golden apricot with a satin metallic duochrome shimmer finish.
Use: Versatile tone that can be used as an all over lid colour, a highlight on eyes and cheeks! Mix this tone over the lighter shades for a simple, peachy-cream look, mix with the midtone mattes to create a sexy, liquid-satin glowing shade!  

• Shade 8: Roseus - Soft peach-pink with a matte satin finish.
Use: Use as an all over lid shade, also can be used as blush for light to medium-toned skin.

• Shade 9: Chocolat II - Rich chocolate brown with a matte finish.
Use: Create a dark brown smokey eye, use as eyeliner with a wet brush, add dimension to corners of eyes. This tone can be used in brows and mixed into other mattes to create contour for deeper skin tones. 

• Shade 10: Mahogany - Deep plum with a satin metallic finish.
Use: Use for an aubergine smokey eye, and as eyeliner. Can also be used as a mix in for highlighting  deeper skin.

• Shade 11: Cointreau - Warm copper with a satin metallic finish.
Use: Use as an all over eyeshadow tone, add to the matte tones to create a copper smokey eye. Also can be used as a highlight for deeper skin tones.

• Shade 12: “Ode to Hannah” - Antiqued gold with a satin metallic shimmer finish.
Use: Use as an all over shade, mix with the lighter peach and champagne shades to create a muted daytime glowing look, use the brown eyeliner tone to create dimension and depth, or mix with the deeper brown mattes to create a glimmering smokey chocolate gold eye look.