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The Skin Illustrator Mini 5 Tone Palettes

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Compact Collections of artist's favorite Adjusters and Skin Tones in a new space saving, custom size palette that offers 5 cells of color with 65% more product than the previous packaging. The Skin Illustrator Minis are also great for students that are new to alcohol activated makeup by offering 25 different colors in a small, economical palette. All 5 Mini can be paired with each other for limitless possibilities.

Adjuster 1 Palette: Coral Adjuster, Olive Adjuster, Golden Orchre, Dark Mauve, and Coral Blue.

Adjuster 2 Palette: Green Toner, Cool Tone, Vile Bile, Burnt Sienna, Darth Moss.

Light Tone 5 Palette: Julianne, Rice Paper, Embeth, Shibui, and Natural 1.

Tan Tone 5 Palette: Bamboo 1, Lao 2, Espresso 1, Chocolate and Freckle. 

Deep Tone 5 Palette: Espresso 2, Midnight Brown, Dark Oak, Dark Brun and Ebony Plum. 

Color: Adjuster 1