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The Kitpak Mirrored Compact in Fast Car - LIMITED EDITION

by Kitpak
Original price $34.25 - Original price $34.25
Original price
$34.25 - $34.25
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The Magnetic Compact you know and love now comes in a new sexy compact sure to rev up your engine. Our limited edition Mirrored Compact in Fast Car red is the perfect shade to spice up your kit. One part magnetic compact, one part built-in mirror, it's perfect for your purse or carry-on.

The Mirrored Compact is a game-changer for any artist or beauty fan looking to organize their kit. This versatile compact works seamlessly with our signature re-potting and Kitpak system, so current fans of the Kitpak system can add to what they already have.

Product Details

  • Mirror on one side
  • Magnetic pan fits 40 XS Pans, 20 Small Pans, 10 Medium Pans, or 5 Large Pans
  • Space on the hinge for 3/8" wide label
  • Magnetic closure
  • Glossy plastic finish
  • Made in China