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Telesis 8 Adhesive

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$31.65 - $638.00
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TELESIS 8 SILICONE ADHESIVE is the newest addition to the evolution of the Telesis silicone adhesives  line - the most popular and widely used adhesives in the industry today.  This incredibly strong and durable adhesive is available in three formulas:  fast-drying, slow-drying and matte lace. When used with the Telesis Thinner,  the drying time is much faster, giving a working time similar to Telesis 5.   

This is a medical grade, pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for bonding silicone and latex pieces, especially around the eyes and mouth or other areas that are troublesome to glue down.  When using Telesis 8 Matte Lace Adhesive, you must follow these detailed instructions.