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SUVA PRO - Chiaroscuro Palette

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 What is it?

Chiaroscuro [key-are-o-skew-row]: the treatment of light and shade.

Introducing the Chiaroscuro Palette – designed exclusively for professional makeup artists seeking unparalleled performance in highlighting and contouring. This buildable matte powder formula seamlessly blends for a flawless finish.

This sophisticated palette features three generous highlight shades, each housed in extra-large pans boasting 4g of product for extended use. Complementing these, three carefully curated contour shades with 2g of product in each, allowing for meticulous control and finesse in sculpting the perfect contours.

Unleash your creativity and master the play of light and shade with the Chiaroscuro Palette, where innovation meets elegance. 

Net weight: Contour- 3 x 2g/0.07 oz. | Highlight - 3 x 4g/0.14 oz.