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SUVA Controlled Water Dropper Bottles

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Get zero mess with SUVA Beauty's Controlled Water Dropper Bottles! Expertly apply the exact amount of water to mix with your favorite Hydra Liners!

Each bottle can hold up to 0.5fl. oz./15mL.

Items Included:

• 2x Controlled Dropper Bottles (pink and blue!)

Key Features:

  • Precision dropper
  • Labels to write down contents inside

How to Use:

・Unscrew the top cap of the dropper bottle
・Add water to the bottle
・Screw the cap back on and label the outside of the bottle with its contents
・Turn the bottle upside down and squeeze gently to get precision water drops for your Hydra Liners
・Depending on your desired look, a typical Hydra Liner application will need 2-3 drops of water
・Mix the water VERY WELL with your Hydra Liner and apply once a creamy consistency is achieved (like melted ice-cream). Wet brush further and continue mixing if needed