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EBA Silabond Silicone Adhesive

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Original price $60.85
$60.85 - $246.70
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Silabond Matte is the matte version of EBA’s renowned Silabond silicone-based adhesive. This adhesive provides a non-shiny finish and strong instant bond which is ideal for applications involving lace wigs, brows, facial prosthetics, hair, and hand-laying beards.
Fast drying, flexible finish, and sweat-resistant properties ensure a smooth application, seamless matte finish, and unparalleled performance.


  • Water and perspiration resistant
  • Pressure sensitive (PS)
  • Strong and fast bond
  • Skin safe and odorless


  1. Shake the container to blend the matting agents
  2. Pour the desired amount of Silabond Matte into a small cup
  3. For lighter and thinner applications, add Silabond SB Thinner
  4. Apply the adhesive in thin layers
  5. Allow 20-30 seconds for the adhesive to dry and become tacky
  6. Proceed with hair or prosthetic application (apply pressure to create a firm bond)

IMPORTANT: To achieve proper bond and performance it is essential to let the solvents evaporate completely from the surfaces before pressing the two surfaces together. This typically takes only a minute or less pending the amount of adhesive.

Use EBA’s Vapore Cleaner for the most effective removal and clean-up.

·        Silabond Matte contains a solvent that evaporates at a very high rate. Add Silabond SB Thinner to your cup during application if the adhesive becomes too viscous.
·        Do not adhere surfaces or prosthetics if the adhesive feels or looks wet. Always apply thin coats, and ensure the solvent is fully evaporated and the adhesive becomes tacky before applying.