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Sian Richards 4K Longwear Cream Palette

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4K Longwear Creme is the future of creative makeup.

Do you wish your foundation would survive humidity and last all day? Would you like to be able to make it so sheer that you still see skin, or build it up and make it fuller in coverage?
Would you like to be able to cover tattoos, scars or birthmarks, have that coverage last all day, look like skin and not rub off on clothing?
Or would you like to paint prosthetics with it and thin it down with 99% alcohol to create a translucent paint?

All of this is possible with our gorgeous 4K Longwear Creme. It does anything and everything.

Perfect for Movie Makeup, Drag, Body Makeup and SFX, Fashion and Editorial, for Bridal and Men’s Grooming, Tattoo Coverage and Scar Camouflage. Perfect for You. No powder needed to set either! Use on Clean Skin.

Waterproof . Humidity Proof . Friction Proof . Buildable. No Cracking . No Flaking
Paraben Free. Vegan Friendly. Celiac Friendly. Peanut Free.

Siân’s Tip:
For best results apply with a soft brush on clean skin using a stippled action. Sponges can make application heavy. For a more sheer finish apply to lightly moisturized skin or simply apply lightly. Remember that the more you break the product down with mixers, so you will change the formulation structure and will need to powder and set as normal. Used neat and pure it is self setting, long lasting and has all the gorgeous attributes stated above. These are proven and tested on movie sets.

Color: Boreal