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Senna Cosmetics Slipcover Cream to Powder Primary & Pastel

by Senna
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This ultimate pro corrector palette is a virtual color wheel to go. 10 colors let you correct, conceal, contour and create custom foundations, eye, lip, and blush tones. With this palette of primary and pastel colors, it’s possible to create any shade of foundation, eye, lip, blush, and body makeup.
According to SENNA Founder and Creative Director, Eugenia Weston, “All color is made from 3 primary colors- red, blue, and yellow- plus black and white. The ultimate artistry experience is to be able to easily customize any color you want for correcting, concealing, contouring, or creating fantasy makeup.”

SENNA Slipcover® is a pro artist favorite cream to powder formula that glides on smoothly and sets to a lasting powder finish. It is blendable and buildable, so it’s considered ideal for layering as many shades as needed for any effect desired. Customizing textures is easy also as the formula can blend with serums, moisturizers, oils, and mixing mediums. The clear compact is designed to be artist friendly in both size, sturdiness, and fast glance color recognition.

Shades Included:
(Top Row Left- Right)
WHITE: lightens
YELLOW: neutralizes purple
RED: neutralizes ash gray
BLUE: darkens, cancels orange/red
BLACK: darkens
(Bottom Row Left- Right)
LILAC: neutralizes yellow
PEACH: neutralizes gray blue
GREEN: neutralizes red
AQUA: neutralizes pink
ORANGE: neutralizes blue