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Ripper FX Skin Masque Palette Dark

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Skin Masque Camouflage Cream Concealer is a highly pigmentated cream designed for covering tattoos and correcting or concealing skin imperfections. Fully waterproof this formula offers up to 16 hours coverage and can easily be applied and dried in a few minutes.

Need to cover your tattoos for your wedding or work? Then this product is perfect.

Can also be used for a number of applications such as concealing birthmarks, correcting skin tones and hiding laser correction of tattoos.

  • Lasts 16+ hours  
  • No transfer onto clothes or costumes
  • Waterproof 
  • Smudge proof 
  • No Cracking 
  • Easily Built up
  • Creamy appearance 
  • Quick Drying 
  • High opacity for quick coverage 
  • Fast coverage for tattoos 
  • Friction Proof 
  • Can be combined with Ripper FX Ink palettes and concentrates. 
  • Can be combined with Skin Masque Mixing Medium to create long lasting foundation coverage. 
  • Extra seal available with our Skin Masque Sealer.
  • Housed in an airtight palette. This palette will not dry out like others on the market. 
  • Can be sealed with Skin Masque HD Powder if required.