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Ripper FX Reload Refill 30ml

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Always using that favorite color in your palette? But don't want to buy a whole new palette just for that one color. This is the solution.

Ripper Reloads allow you to refill any of the colors in your palette.

Each bottle will refill the palette ink well approx. 4 times.

Refill color in your Ripper FX Palettes.

Reload can also be used neat from the bottle directly on the skin or on prosthetics.

Clean the empty ink well from debris with alcohol and a bay wipe. Pour a small amount of the reload liquid into the well until it covers the base and allow to dry. Repeat if required to build up the thickness. Depending on the temp when poured the ink can take 3-6 days to dry fully solid. 

Using it before fully set will mean the center may still be liquid and will use up your product faster.

Remove with 99% alcohol.


Color: Aged Blood