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Reel Body Art Inks - Spectrum Colors

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Original price $15.10
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REEL BODY ART & AIRBRUSH INKS are only limited to your imagination. Create tattoos, body art, cover-up real tattoos, blemishes, bruises, etc. Change hair color. Do special make-up effects such as cuts, bruises, stipple beards, body painting or rashes. Go ahead and try it because if this doesn't work, probably nothing else will. REEL BODY ART & AIRBRUSH INKS are appliance friendly. Rubber, gel or silicone. The inks don't change color from the appliance to the skin. These inks are the best replacement for rubber grease paints or 'pax' type colors. Most natural looking (translucent), long lasting and waterproof. Use in the liquid form or pour out, let dry and reactivate with REEL DEVELOPER like our REEL COLOR PALETTES. WARNING: Use only in well ventilated areas. For large jobs use a paint spray booth with a spark-proof exhaust fan. Avoid prolonged breathing. All REEL BODY ART & AIRBRUSH INKS are flammable in the liquid form but non-flammable once they are dry. For fire stunts always use fire gel if REEL BODY ART & AIRBRUSH INKS are used in the hair or on clothing as a safety precaution.