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ProAiir Solids Palette

by Proaiir
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This highly pigmented Hybrid formula is great for brush and sponge to create water-resistant masterpieces.
Activated by Prolong to keep the rich pigment colour. For a more transparent effect use 91%+ Alcohol. Cracking & air bubbles may be present due to the absence of phthalates (soft plastic). SOLIDS are a heavy dried pigment and may require extra brush to work the pigment into desired consistency. May have to scratch the surface on Neons especially.
Each 6 colour Palette includes a 1-ounce bottle of ProLong.
SOLIDS are Phthalate-Free (Containing no Plasticizers). Also Gluten-Free, not tested on animals, and skin safe. This formula is similar to powdered mineral makeup. Contents are not flammable and non-combustible.
Do not use it on sunburned skin or open wounds. ProAiir is manufactured and packaged in the USA.