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Skin Illustrator Western Grunge Palette

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$73.40 - $111.40
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The Western Grudge Palette is a custom collection of colors created for award winning Makeup Artist Tarra Day. Featuring an array of colors to create a grungy dirty look. Perfect for to give any character an organic lived-in effect, such as a grimy face or soiled hands and nail beds.

This palette features Sand, Dark Brown, Tobacco, Dark Brun, Muddy Waters, Soot, Nicotine and Black. Also washes of Midnight Brown and Darth Moss. The washes formula is more translucent — yet still the same color as the original formula.

All colors can be applied with a brush, sponge or mascara wand.  As always you can use the colors as-is, or they can be mixed with any other Skin Illustrator colors — allowing you to create your own unique blend of colors, giving you endless possibilities.

You must use Skin Illustrator Activator,  Skin Illustrator Slow Activator,  or 99% alcohol while activating and using the colors.

Do not use any other solvents. For example 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone or water. These will result improper activation or damage to the product.

Want fast clean up? For safe and gentle removal use Telesis Super Solv Plus or Telesis Makeup Remover.