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NC Solid Cleanser Soap - Vanilla Fragrance 2.45oz

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About the product

  • The Narrative Cosmetics makeup brush cleanser is perfect for cleaning and conditioning natural and synthetic bristle brushes.

  • The soap has a light vanilla scent and includes a silicone cleaning pad (located inside the cap) to aid in removing makeup residue from brushes.

  • The soap is cruelty-free and made with fresh ingredients including avocado, jojoba, argan, and sweet almond oil from an all vegan formula.

  • Instructions: Wet brushes in water, then swirl in soap to a lather. Work the bristles of your brush in a circular motion on the included silicone cleaning pad to remove makeup residue. Rinse brushes and repeat as needed until the makeup is removed. Wring out excess water from the brushes and lay flat to dry.

  • Make sure the soap has completely dried before putting it away.