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NC Master FX Cream Palette

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About the product

    • The Narrative Cosmetics Master FX Palette contains 18 highly pigmented cream colors perfect for creating burns, bruises, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and other traumas.

    • 18 Colors include: Top Row: Black, Bright Red, Vein Tone, Purple, Cobalt Blue, White. Middle Row: Dark Mauve, Yellow, Rust Brown, Bruise Tone, Fresh Blood, Aged Blood. Bottom Row: Heavy Bruising, Amber Yellow, Red Wine, Zombie Grey, Jaundice Green, Dark Rosewood.

    • Apply with a brush, sponge, fingers, or spatula. Apply multiple layers for increased opacity. Colors can be thinned with isopropyl alcohol as needed. Transfer colors to the included mixing palette to create custom shades. Set with a setting spray or setting powder. Remove with a makeup remover wipe or isopropyl myristate for sensitive skin.

    • The cream colors are ultra-realistic, apply smoothly, and can be mixed to create custom shades.

    • The palette contains primary FX colors as well as bruise and blood tones, giving makeup artists the option to create a variety of effects with a single palette.