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MYO Makeup / Beauty Pods Small

by M.Y.O
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M·Y·O Makeup Pods™ Transparent: Secure sealing and refillable 'transparent' M·Y·O Makeup Pods assists to instantly and always see what product is in each of your pods. These pods make it easier, safer, and more convenient than ever to carry lotions, creams, gels, lipstick, loose powders and more. Perfect for Makeup Artist to hold small amounts of makeup for quick touch ups on set. Daily use, great for travel, the gym, or touch-ups throughout the day, M·Y·O Makeup Pods™ cut down on waste by securing “just enough” product in a securely latched container that magnetically fits inside the M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases®. A must have product for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. (each M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch can hold 12 transparent pods)

Makeup Artists can create personalized actor/client touch up kits 
For everyday use, holds standard amount of skincare products
Use, wash & reuse or soak in 100% alcohol & sterilize with 70% alcohol
Holds 1.4g 
FDA compliant
​Air and water resistant seal
Recyclable material #5
Other possibilities: toothpaste, pills, mints, earrings, jewels, pan makeup size 26-27mm, ideas are endless