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MAQPRO Terres De Sang Palette

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- By Stephanie Orilland


A brand new and exciting 6 Colour Palette by Stephanie Orilland - TERRE DE SANG which translates to 'Blood of Earth'.

This magical special effect Terre De Sang foundation palette has been created with 6 different creme colours that once sprayed with water on the skin, bleed a realistic blood colour!

Created for darker skin tones with 6 creme colours that can be used as a foundation or use for example in the hair to create your bloody effect once coming in contact with water.

Colours can be mixed too, so the possibilities are endless!

The Creme colour stays on the skin whilst the blood runs on top of the skin to create a realistic bloody look ( Check out the video!)

* We recommend for removal of any staining on skin using a hard bar of soap and work into the skin to remove.