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Maqpro Gel Blood

by Maqpro
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This texture makes a great effect of flesh with sharp ; it doesn’t make filament like the Coagulated blood and does not stick either ; it can be worked in transparency or thickness to create for instance a cut finger, a wound with flesh with sharp, a cut throat…

It brings the following qualities :
• it has a very realistic colour of real blood ;
• it does not flow ;
• it is a food product, it means you can make it in contact with the skin and even put it in the mouth without any danger ;
• do not dilute ;
• it does not stain ;
• it can be easily cleaned with some cold water.

How to use :
It is advisable to manipulate the make-up blood jelly in a small cavity, realized with the Plasto-Nat (beforhand coloured with the Cream blushers), and soak everything of artificial blood.
Directly put the coagulate blood on the wound with a spatula or with the finger.
The make-up blood jelly must be used to imitate the live flesh.

Make-up remover :
Clean it with tepid water or some Cleaner.