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Maker Pro Paints

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Maker Pro Paints™ are industrial-grade, professional scenic design paints developed for rigorous themed environment applications at amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, etc., where outdoor durability is critical. They are also suitable for various indoor rigid and flexible surface painting application projects - such as model prototyping and costuming.

Maker Pro Paints™ are No VOC, water-based acrylic-urethanes that deliver superior color, adhesion, and durability performance. These paints are UV/fade resistant (light-fast), highly resistant to abrasions/scratches, and will withstand severe weather conditions. Maker Pro Paints™ are also “public space” safe and certify to the ASTM E-84, Class A fire rating.

When used with the Adhesion Promoter, Maker Pro Paints™ will bond tenaciously to various rigid substrates – including: rigid urethanes, rigid urethane foams, epoxy plastics, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, plasters, steel, and more. When mixed with the FLEX Additive, Maker Pro Paints™ will become more elastic and bond to flexible or semi-rigid substrates including fabrics, semi-rigid urethane resins, flexible urethane foams, urethane rubbers, and latex rubbers.

There are 18 Standard Maker Pro Paint™ Colors that mix easily for color matching. Their high pigment content formula allows for uniform coverage with fewer coatings and less paint build-up. Maker Pro Paint™ can be applied by brush, roller, airbrush, spray gun, or touch-up gun.


  • Water Based
  • UV Resistant
  • NO VOCs
  • ASTM E-84, Class A Flame Rated
For Industrial Use Only. Keep Out of the Reach of Children. WARNING: Prop 65 Notice


Color: Burnt Sienna