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Maekup Nemesis Silicone Adhesive

Original price $32.10 - Original price $128.25
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$32.10 - $128.25
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Maekup Nemesis Silicone Adhesives is the ideal adhesive for laying hair goods, available in 3 different styles.

High Tack: A rapid drying high strength-adhesive for temporary application of silicone pieces. 

Low Tack: A rapid drying low tack adhesive for temporary application of lace fronts laid on hair and facial postiche.

Matte Hair Lace: The matting agents are mixed intrinsically during the manufacturing process which ensures a fluid consistency so the adhesive never gets hard or cracks - it dries matte and stays matte. 

Nemesis Thinner: Can be used to thin out Nemesis Silicone Adhesive System when necessary, as well it is the perfect remover for Nemesis Silicone Adhesives. 


For PROFESSIONAL use only!  This product is sold only on the understanding that they are to be used for the purpose intended by a qualified professional.

*Therefore, Coast Fibertek reserves itself the right to REFUND a customer if it has grounds to believe that they are not a qualified professional.