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MYO Makeup/Beauty Pods 3 Pan Inserts 2/Pack in Med

by M.Y.O
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In collaboration with Melissa Street, 8X Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, working in Television, Film, Commercial, Print, Corporate Video and Live Events.  Founder of Epic Makeup (@epicmakeup), Melissa is known as the Makeup Organizational Maven on Instagram. 

With Melissa's guidance, we designed these custom made 3 Pan Inserts having the walls of the pans touch the lid inside of our large M·Y·O Makeup Pod to ensure no makeup mixes! Perfect for multiple cream-based products.

These “3 Pan Inserts"  🙌🏻fit snugly in our 36mm round M·Y·O Makeup Pod. Each order comes with 2 large M·Y·O Makeup Pods with the 3 Pan Inserts. For additional information about our medical grade M·Y·O Makeup Pods, please see SHOP for M·Y·O Makeup Pods.

(Disclaimer: some very powders may find their way into a neighbouring pan, especially when opening the lid.)