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Kasha Lashes - EYES UNLOCKED

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Our most dramatic style in the Luxe collection, the fluttery effect of Eyes Unlocked takes your look to stunning new heights. These exquisite lashes are luxuriously thick and multi-dimensional with a bold lash line. Not for the weak of heart, these gorgeous lashes will amplify your natural lashes to the next level.

Kasha Luxe Edition collection feature advanced synthetic fibers that are a 98% match to natural hair structures. Kasha Lashes are soft, lightweight and set onto a flexible cotton band for ultimate comfort. Our products are cruelty-free, vegan and designed for sensitive skin. We recommend using Kasha Eyelash Adhesive, which is non-irritating and latex-free, along with the Kasha Eyelash Applicator, for precise, effortless placement.