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Jordane Total Tattoo Coverage Primary Colors

by Jordane
Original price $47.20 - Original price $72.70
Original price $47.20
$48.60 - $78.30
Current price $48.60

JORDANE Total Tattoo Cover is a specially formulated cover-up which completely masks your tattoo. Dries quickly, product is smudge, waterproof and transfer-resistant. This light and highly pigmented formula will dry in seconds. JORDANE Total Tattoo Cover comes in 3 different pallets - Original, Dark Skin, and Primary Plus. Total tattoo cover can be used to cover tattoos, dark circles, blemishes and any other marks on your skin that you would like to cover. It has no after effects and does not pose a health risk for your skin. It is creamy and can be blended to get a customized tattoo cover. It requires no setting powder or activator, simply sponge or brush on the product to get the desired coverage. A highly desired product that is used intensely in the film and television, Total Tattoo Coverage can be diluted with our JORDANE “Rejuvenator” so that the product can be used as an all-day foundation base. The primary colors of our total tattoo cover product can be used as clown colors or as a base color (complete this statement)… The best part is that you can always remove this cover to reveal your tattoo again as it does not remove your tattoo but only covers it. If you ever wish to cover out that tattoo on your body instead of removing it, then this is the perfect solution for you.