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Graftobian Super Palette

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Ultra HD Glamour Crème™ Foundation Super Palettes, 1.78oz/50g

Key Info:

  • Full coverage foundation with a weightless feel.
  • Create a “No-Makeup” look with a light application: Bring out your beauty while using less makeup.
  • HD Foundation is formulated with high pigmentation so a little bit goes a long way.
  • Buildable Formulation: Perfect for contouring with a moderate application.
  • Finding your palette is as easy as finding your undertone (see below).

18 Shades – What are all these colors for?

Our Glamour Creme™ HD Super Palettes were created for two purposes:
1. Give makeup artists the large range of colors they need in a single, easy-to-use palette. With 18 colors in one palette, your makeup kit becomes more compact, making travel is easier. Each shade is also sold individually in a half ounce size, so refilling your favorite colors is simple and economical. A simple scoop with a palette knife does the trick with enough left over for several more refills.

2. Give everyday makeup wearers and makeup enthusiasts all the colors they need for daily beauty, as well as High Glamour beauty looks like those achieved with contouring. With, a super palette, you can play with color to your heart’s content. Find the exact perfect blend of colors that matches your skin tone now, and as it changes throughout the year. Additionally, have all the colors you might need for highlights and contours right at your fingertips. Since each palette covers a single undertone, all colors automatically complement each other. Colors blend flawlessly without looking “orangey,” which occurs when mixing shades from different undertones.

Once you know your undertone, the range of colors in your undertone’s super palette allow you to match your skin tone even if your skin tone changes throughout the year.


Graftobian HD Makeup Glamour Creme Foundation

Glamour Crème™ Foundation Super Palettes are classified into cool, neutral, and warm color temperatures. Determine your undertone and you’ll know which palette is right for you.

Determine your undertone:

  • Warm (W) undertones: Your skin has Yellow or golden undertones. If the veins in your wrist appear green or you tan easily in the sun, you need the Warm Super Palette.
  • Cool (C) undertones: Your Skin has Pink undertones. If the veins in your wrist appear blue or you tend to burn easily in the sun, you need the Cool Super Palette.
  • Neutral (N) undertones: Neither pink nor golden undertones. If the veins in your wrist appear to be a mixture of green and blue, you need the Neutral Super Palette.


Hd Glamour Creme Foundation

Glamour Crème™ Foundation: The incredible formula

Achieve the look of perfect skin with this flawless finish, ultra-lightweight, full-coverage creme foundation. Designed to handle the scrutiny of Ultra HD film and photography, Graftobian’s Glamour Crème™ foundation ensures you look your personal best, even if you are nowhere near a camera. How can a foundation be both lightweight and full coverage? The answer is high concentration of super-fine pigments. This allows a tiny amount of foundation to cover even the most difficult skin issues, without needing a separate concealer. As the foundation is applied, it spreads into an ultra-fine layer and blends into the skin, smoothing skin tone and covering imperfections. Light-scattering ingredients make fine lines and the makeup itself disappear, even under harsh lighting. The matte formula keeps skin from looking oily while also avoiding glare. The result? Flawless skin and the perfect “no makeup” look. Apply lightly with brush or sponge and set with powder.

HD Glamour Creme Foundation


Superior Quality. Made in the USA.

Ultra HD ready nearly a decade in advance of the changing technology. Our goal was to create the best HD cream foundation on the market. Now our Glamour Crème™ Ultra HD Foundation Super Palettes are being used and loved by professionals throughout the makeup artist industry and across the globe. The formula is pigment rich and created for use on a wide range of skin types and colors. Our specialized range of colors caters to both the darkest and lightest skin-tones, and everything in between. Match and even out any skin tone with 58 true-to-life foundation colors, 6 blush colors, and 12 additional corrective/adjustment shades, using only an ultra-light application of makeup.

Additionally, the carefully chosen, high quality, U.S. sourced ingredients ensure that all these products provide excellent coverage without drying the delicate skin beneath. Our makeup contains no silicone, no fragrances, and no formaldehyde. The formula is soft, silky, and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Many people with sensitive skin swear by this foundation because it is the only one that won’t cause breakouts or other irritations.

super warm palette

These crème foundations have exact color matches in the GlamAire™ Ultra HD Airbrush collection. Each shade of Ultra HD Glamour Crème Foundation is also sold individually in a 0.5 oz. dish.

Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

Color: Warm