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Graftobian Hairspray Glitter 150ml

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GlitterSpray 5 oz / 150 g

GlitterSpray is like “pizzazz” in a can. It is ideal for prom or wedding up-do’s, gymnastic and dance competitions, or any time hair, skin, or costumes need some serious sparkle! Opalescent Glitter is especially versatile–it’s a soft fairy dust-like shimmer that has tremendous impact on dark hair and skin. Silver GlitterSpray is the most requested color for gymnasts. Use Gold Glitter hairspray for an amazing accent to blond hair. It also gives a warm pixie dust sparkle to nymphs, fairies and other woodland sprites. The Multi GlitterSpray is a great alternative to Opalescent when you want a sparkly look with brilliant color. Red and Blue glitter are stunning accents on dark hair and make the perfect finish for a devil or mermaid. Contains fragrance. 

Tip: Spray Glitter hairspray in short bursts to prevent clogging. Clear the spray steam after use by inverting the can and spraying until clear. This will also help to prevent clogging. Be sure to always have adequate ventilation when spraying. Want more air glitter options? Use Setting Spray,sprinkled with powdered glitter for a multitude of sparkly hair colors.

Color: Blue