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Graftobian Hairspray 150ml

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ColorSpray 5 oz / 150 g

Still the best colored hairspray on the market for its concentrated, intense hair color. Graftobian’s ColorSpray is of incredibly high value at a great, reasonable cost and cannot be compared with bargain brand mass market sprays. One can covers two full heads easily and completely. With twelve colors to choose from, you are sure to find a colored hairspray that meets your needs. Need a wild color for a Halloween or Cosplay costume? We have you covered with red, yellow, purple blue and green. What about a natural color for a theatrical performance? White, grey, black, blond and brunette take care of Santa’s beard, Grandma’s grey hair and everything in between. What about metallic ColorSpray? We have that too! Silver and gold colored hairspray make great finishing touches for statues. These two shades also match our silver and gold Cosmetic Powdered Metals quite well. Contains fragrance. 

Tip: When spraying dark colored hair, apply a base coat of white Colorspray to make colors pop. Be sure to always have adequate ventilation when spraying.

Color: Blue