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FuseFX WS Matting Powder Kit

Original price $36.53 - Original price $68.25
Original price $36.53
$36.53 - $68.25
Current price $36.53

WS-Series Matting Powder is a unique blend of water-based matting agents designed to eliminate the shine from painted silicone surfaces, resulting in a flat matt finish with little or no sheen. WS Matting Powder residue washes off clean with a little soap and warm water, dries clear, and does not leave a "blue" tint to the surface, unlike Cabosil. In fact WS Matting Powder contains NO Amorphous silica or Cabosil. 

WS Matting Powder  is normally used in conjunction with FuseFX M/F-110 Clear. A very thin layer of M/F-110 Clear  is applied to the piece and, while the piece is still wet, WS Matting Powder is sprinkled over the surface. The M/F-110 Clear thus acts as a binding agent, bonding the matting powder to the surface. After curing, excess matt powder is washed away with soap and water.