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Fourth Seal Studios Camera Ready PREMIUM

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Introducing Hyper-realistic Camera Ready Premium Line

Ideal for close-up shots and primed to read best on both camera and in-person. They're our most realistic offering yet and perfect for when a life-like appearance is of utmost importance.

The eyes in this collection feature improved scleral translucency, a flawless limbal blend of the iris into the sclera and hyper-realistic, tissue-mimicking irises. 

The eyes featured are 3/4 round with 12.7mm Iris as well as a flat base and have a corneal bulge

Not sure which size to choose? Here are some tips to help you make the perfect choice:

-The average adult human eye is around 24-26mm, but we recommend a larger size as they read more realistic. 24mm can read small in person

-Most of our customers prefer to use 28mm eyes in their busts and masks

*Please note that all of our eyes are hand made and made to order so slight variations are inevitable, however we do our best to stay true to the displayed paint schemes*


Color: Blue Dream