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EBA Endura Hair & Beard Alcohol Liquid

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Endura HAIR and BEARD is a highly pigmented alcohol based liquid makeup delivering instant color, a water resistant application and fast drying time for hair, beard and brows.  The makeup can be easily applied by a mascara wand, brush or sponge. When fast coverage is desired, Endura HAIR and BEARD applies quickly by an airbrush.

Endura HAIR and BEARD provides a completely realistic look by blending flawlessly with natural hair color.  It is a perfect fit when it comes to special fx, film, fashion, broadcasting, bridal and stunt man applications.

Endura HAIR & BEARD can last up to 3 days and it removes with shampoo, soap or EBA’s VAPORE makeup remover.

The most common applications for Endura HAIR & BEARD makeup include hair coloring, aging, hair touch up, root cover up, grey hair cover up, beard and side burn color and hair highlighting.

Endura HAIR & BEARD formula has been used by Hollywood makeup artists meeting the most challenging applications and environments.


  • Hair color
  • Grey hair and root cover
  • Beard and side burn blending
  • Hair highlights
  • Eyebrow color
  • Aging hair


  • Water, sweat and transfer resistant
  • Realistic natural shade color
  • Micronized HD pigments
  • Instant drying
  • Applicable with mascara or brush
  • Easily Removable with shampoo, soap or VAPORE
  • Made in the USA by EBA
  • Exclusive formulation
  • FDA approved ingredients


For more realistic and translucent effects the Endura HAIR & BEARD alcohol based colors can be cut down with the Transluz makeup thinner without sacrificing the quality and consistency of the paint.

Endura HAIR & BEARD can be easily removed with EBA’s VAPORE or UNVEIL makeup remover.


Endura HAIR AND BEARD alcohol based makeup is made in the USA at EBA’s own facility implementing strict manufacturing and FDA compliant measurements and EBA’s proprietary formulas. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.

The product is available through EBA retailers, participating schools and trade shows.

Endura is gluten, paraben, mica, and silicon free.

Color: Ashes