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Bluebird Blush Liquid Ink

Original price $42.00 - Original price $42.00
Original price $42.00
$42.00 - $42.00
Current price $42.00

Bluebird Liquid Inks are made in small batches to ensure maximum quality control. The pigments are finely milled which ensures a more homogenous fluid with stronger colours, smoother application and a particle size made especially for airbrushes and HD technology.

Next, pharmaceutical grade resins are added for superior adhesion and a product that won't flake or crumble. Formulated to withstand separation upon standing, Bluebird inks look rich and lustrous, never dry or chalky.

With around four times the solids of other brands, Bluebird Inks give better quality, better value and require less retouching.

Colours available in fluid and palette form.