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Aves Apoxie Sculpt Color Kits

by Aves
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Apoxie® Sculpt combines the features & benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! Its smooth, putty-like consistency is easy to mix & use. Self-hardens (No Baking); cures hard in 24 hours to a semi-gloss finish. Adheres to nearly any surface. Works great with texture stamps, molds, paints, stains, mica powders & more for additional creative styles. Great for sculpting, embellishing, bonding & filling most anything. Discover the Unlimited Uses!

We make 12 different colors of Apoxie® Sculpt that you can mix & match plus Super White Apoxie® for more color blending options, check out our PDF color mixing guide for more color ideas! These color kits are simply our pre-colored Apoxie Sculpt sold at a great price for 4 colors in a kit. Each color is available in larger sizes (see Apoxie Sculpt product page to order larger sizes).

3 different Color Kits to choose from:
Primary: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Neutral: Black, Silver-Grey-Grey, White, Brown
Earth: Pink Natural, Orange, Bronze

Color Kits come with 4 pre-designated colors described above. Each color set includes parts A & B and are 1/10th lb each color set. (4 color sets per kit) for a total packaged weight of 0.4 lbs./184g.


  • Superior Details
  • Working time 1-3 hrs.
  • 0% Shrinkage
  • Exterior Quality!
  • Sulfur Free
  • Permanent & Waterproof
  • 3 Kits; 12 different colors of Apoxie® Sculpt that you can mix & match with Super White Apoxie® for more color blending options.
  • Adheres to: Itself (in any stage of set-up before or after curing), other epoxies, ceramic, metal, wood, stone, glass, plastics, polymer clay, foam & more.


*Wear appropriate gloves.

  1. Wear disposable gloves to measure equal parts of A & B. Always retrieve parts A & B with different tools.
  2. Mix & knead together for 2 minutes until thoroughly combined and a uniform color is achieved. Note incomplete mixing will give poor results. *Allow mixed product to rest 5 minutes for better handling.
  3. Apoxie® Sculpt is ready to use; working time is 1- 3 hours. Shape as desired. Smooth or texture with a wet finger, brush, Q-tip or sculpting tool. Self-hardens (NO?BAKING); 24 hour full cure.
  4. Clean up: soap & water or Aves® Safety Solvent (very helpful for smoothing, removing finger prints & cleaning up pigment / product residue before set-up). Finish as desired. Paint wet or dry. ?Marine & Exterior Quality!

*Wear protective gloves [e.g., nitrile or equivalent] when combining parts A and B. Wear a dust mask and safety glasses when sanding cured product…[P280] *Keep out of reach of children…[P102] *Safe for adults when used as directed. 24 hr. full cure required for hard finishing purposes such as sanding, carving, drilling, machining, etc., without chipping, cracking or flaking. Keep containers sealed when not in use. Freeze-Thaw-Stable.

Apoxie Sculpt is GHS & Prop 65 Complient:
WARNING – May cause an allergic skin reaction and eye irritation. Hazard Statements – H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction. H320 Causes eye irritation. Apoxie® Sculpt Conforms to Safety Standard ASTM International D4236.

Working Time Line Guide:

  • 1/2 hour: Sticky & most adhesive
  • 1 to 2 hours: Easy to work with
  • 2 to 3 hours: Setting up, form-able detail
  • 24 hours: Hard, cured & waterproof


*Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up with a paint brush and the use of Aves®Safety Solvent for fine details; use water for smoothing large surface areas of your project.

*Wearing gloves when mixing A+B is not only helpful for clean up, but ensures thorough mixing of the product.

*To keep the product from sticking to your hands try rubbing a bit of extra virgin olive oil on your finger tips to keep the product from sticking.

*Dipping your tools & fingers in cold water will keep Apoxie Sculpt from sticking to your surfaces and allow maximum details.

Apoxie® Sculpt can be tinted with paints or pigments to match/create a desired color (adding pigments can alter products original consistency). Works with texture stamps & molds! Apply paints, stains, mica powders, gold leaf, paper transfers and more for a variety of finishing options!

Available in 12 colors + Super White Apoxie® mix & match for unlimited coloring options. Just download a free PDF Color Mixing Chart! Create an unlimited possibility of colors using simple 1:1 ratios.

*A good idea for any left over mixed Apoxie Sculpt is to start a journal cover or decorate a box top with it – you’d be surprised how much you over mix and how creative you can be with your left overs!

*Embellish with; tiles, glass, beads, stones, gems, crystals more!

*Works excellent with gold leaf and mica powers!

Color: Earth: Bronze, Natural, Pink, Orange