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Poise Glam Mineral Pressed Eye Colour Pro Palette

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  • Fifteen gorgeous eyeshadows with dynamic pops of color! Formulated from earth minerals and high pigment. Talc and paraben free. Infused with coconut oil for easy-to-blend application. 


  • Shades:
  • UNITY (metallic nude with a touch of baby pink) 
  • TRENDY (high shine pearl with gold, green, and pink iridescence)  
  • SELF LOVE (metallic violet-burgundy) 
  • JAZZED (metallic bronze) 
  • POWER (metallic green with gold iridescence)  
  • POISE (satin coral) 
  • DEMOLISH (matte deep rust-red) 
  • HEART (velvet red-orange with gold iridescence)
  • LOYAL (metallic army green) 
  • STRONG (matte emerald green) 
  • HARMONY (matte tangerine orange) 
  • QUEEN (iridescent royal purple) 
  • ACCEPTANCE (opaque teal ocean-blue)
  • DIVINE (matte deep sky-blue) 
  • STRIVE (matte dark navy blue)