Musst Pro Brush Cleaner


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  • Musst brush cleanser PRO is a High-Performance rinse free makeup brush cleanser for high-pigmented and special effects products and it’s also alcohol free. 
  • Since it is mainly made of isododecane, it is highly effective in removing pigments, glues, all special effects products and make-up products.
  • Use to remove colour before cleaning with soap and water or if you use the brushes on the same person during the day
  • Very gentle on bristles

How to Use 

  • Rotate while spraying to reach all sides. Wipe clean on absorbent paper towel or cloth, repeat if necessary. Shape brush bristles and allow to air dry for a few seconds. 


  • Flammable – Keep away from open flame – Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes – Use with adequate ventilation – Keep out of reach of children – Do not swallow. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention.