• Glazing Sprays
  • Bright Yellow Glazing Spray
  • Bruise Blue Glazing Spray
  • Bruise Green Glazing Spray
  • Bruise Yellow Glazing Spray
  • Character 1 Glazing Spray
  • Character 2 Glazing Spray
  • Tan 2 Glazing Spray
  • Bruise Red Glazing Spray

Glazing Sprays




The Skin Illustrator Glazing Sprays are the airbrush companions to the Glazing Gels. A collection of water based transparent colors which allow you to do bruise and injury work directly onto the skin. Also work great around the delicate skin around the eyes. Designed for extreme close-up work, Glazing Sprays wear exceptionally well for the demands of High Definition Film and Television work. From subtle to over the top, theses gels allow you to create realistic sunburn, freckles, shadows and illnesses that look like they’re in the skin, not on the skin. They offer a realistic subtlety that you just can’t get with heavier SPFX materials.