Esum Pro Mixing Medium Clear – 23ml


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ESUM PRO MIXING MEDIUM: A liquid makeup medium transformer ideal for use with powder, cream and water-based products. Its lightweight, liquid texture intensifies pigments and shimmer for a dramatic, long lasting result and sets makeup. 


SET & SEAL SHADOWS: Lightly dampen a brush into the ESUM Pro Mixing Medium and touch to a solid pressed shadows or loose pigments to liquify into a fluid, long wear formula.

SET & SEAL FOUNDATION: Put a few drop of the ESUM Pro Mixing Medium into an airbrush and apply atop water-based, cream or powder foundation as a final step. 


Amplify, set & seal any pigment or shadow. Transform the intensity of matte to reflective formulas by doing the following:

STEP 1 – Lightly dampen the tip of your brush with the ESUM Pro Mixing Medium.

STEP 2 – Swipe brush into the chosen shade and apply to the eye lid using a patting/pressing motion.

TOP COAT: You can also apply the mixing medium with a brush over eye liner, eye shadow & brows to set & seal makeup.

Note: ​Do NOT drop the mixing medium directly into a shadow or pigment or oversaturate your brush. A little goes a long way.