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    Beauty So CleanInternational Makeup Artist, Nancy Crossley, has worked on celebrities, TV personalities, actors and sports stars for most of her life. Every time she prepared for a client, she worried about cross-contamination from the makeup products she was using. “We clean our hands, our clothes and our homes, but we never clean the very products we put directly on our faces, lips and eyes!”Like most professional makeup artists, Nancy would never have worked on one of her celebrity clients without ensuring that the makeup was clean and bacteria-free. At the time, the only way to clean the makeup was to use pure alcohol; a method that dried out and even destroyed her valuable products.After consulting with some of the world’s most talented and renowned makeup artists, Nancy saw it was clear that a professional product that sanitized makeup products without drying out or altering the makeup was needed in the industry.The mission began; Nancy created her dream product, and BeautySoClean was born. The professional line of BeautySoClean was launched and has become a staple in makeup kits from Hollywood to Europe.
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    Parian SpiritIn 1994 Maro Parian noticed a need for a quick drying, non-toxic makeup brush cleaner. Ideally, a cleaner strong enough to remove the makeup off brushes yet gentle enough not to damage expensive bristles. Most of the cleaners at that time devoted to makeup brushes were either made from dry cleaning fluid and were very toxic or were made from detergents and would take time to dry. Encouraged by an inventor friend, Levon Parian, Maro’s husband, developed a product that revolutionized the industry; using citrus as it’s active ingredient, it cleaned oil based makeup extremely well and was made from food grade materials making it safe to use. It also dried quickly for professional makeup artists who needed to use a lot of brushes over and over again. At that time, special effects makeup artists would use acetone to remove the glues from masks and hairpieces, and dry cleaning fluid to clean the oily makeup. Parian Spirit took the place of both chemicals and quickly was in high demand. It was and still is regarded as the state of the art for professionals in the industry.