This section contains a short instruction sheet & general information on some of the products listed in the catalogue. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still do not understand it or if you do not see anything here that will help you. We will do our best to answer any questions you might have.

Aquaset Epoxy Resin

Polyester Resin
Polyester Resin UseClear Casting Resin
GelcoatsGelcoat Repairs
Repairing Cracks in SundecksWaxing a Fiberlass Plug & Mold
How to Make a PlugHow to Make a Fiberglass Mold
How to Cut Polish GelcoatHow to Make a Fiberglass Part
Repair Osmosis BlisteringCedar Strip Canoes & Kayaks
FillersRigid Polyurethane Pour in Place Foam
Fuse F/X Videos and InstructionsGI-Ultra-Fast Catalyst
Promoter “W”Latex Rubber
TC-284 8lb. Flexible FoamTC-266 2lb. Flexible Foam
Telesis Adhesive RemoverUsing Resin Casting To Make Jewellery
Spirit GumBald Caps
MEKP Catalyst Ratios