All Polyester Resins are divided into different groups. To help you understand these we have included a brief description of each type.

A waxed resin is generally referred to as a finishing resin. It will cure to a hard, tack-free surface when fully cured. This type of material is generally used as a single coat, a final coat or for minor repairs.

An unwaxed resin is generally referred to as a laminating resin. When fully cured, the surface will remain slightly tacky. This type of material is generally used in multiple laminations such as laying up a mold.

Orthophthalic ( ortho ) resins are the basic chemistry of polyester resins. It is a raw material utilized in general purpose polyester resin and has a type of molecular structure that is considered to be a standard in the industry.

Isophthalic ( iso ) resins are higher grade resins that ortho resins in that the molecular structure is denser. It is a special raw material utilized in corrosion resistant and/or premium grade polyester resins. These resins will exhibit a higher heat distortion temperature, higher strength, greater flexibility and are more waterproof than orthophthalic resins.