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ENCORE™ Hair & Beard Dark Palette

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Original price $98.60
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Encore HAIR & BEARD alcohol activated palettes provide instant, water resistant and fast drying color for hair, beard and brow. Encore HAIR & BEARD colors blend with natural hair shades providing completely seamless look and water and sweat resistant performance. It is an ideal hair makeup when it comes to special fx, film, fashion, broadcasting, bridal and stunt man applications.

Encore HAIR & BEARD palettes come standard with EBA's signature magnetic case allowing for endless customization and easy individual color restocking.

Encore HAIR & BEARD is not a dye; it is a semi-permanent water and transfer resistant color that removes with shampoo, soap or EBA's VAPORE makeup remover.

The Encore HAIR & BEARD makeup is well suited for applications including hair color touch up, hair and root and grey hair cover up, beard and sideburn color and hair highlights. Encore HAIR & BEARD provides exceptional coverage, wear ability and water resistance when used on human hair yet it also holds extremely well on hair and beard props.

Encore HAIR & BEARD formula has been tested and used by professional makeup artists working in film and television to meet the most challenging applications and environments.

Encore HAIR & BEARD palettes can be activated by 99% alcohol or by EBA's Fuel Activator using a brush or sponge. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.


White, Bronze, Clay, Cocoa, Taupe, Smoky, Tobacco, Ebony, Chestnut, Black Coral
Encore signature fully customizable magnetic case
10 individual colors
Mixing plate


Hair color
Grey hair and root cover
Beard and sideburn blending
Hair highlights
Eyebrow color


Water, sweat and transfer resistant
Realistic natural shade color
Micronized HD pigments
Instant drying
Applicable with mascara or brush
Easily Removable with shampoo, soap or VAPORE
Made in the USA by EBA
Exclusive formulation
FDA approved ingredients