Why Silicone is the Best Material for Mold Making?

Silicone rubber is widely agreed to be among the best materials for mold making, if not the best. At Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd we are proud to provide quality silicone molding rubber in Vancouver that can be used for lifecasting or for taking molds of a variety of rigid objects, such as fossils, knives, chess pieces, etc.

Silicone has many beneficial qualities when used as a mold making material. Though it can be a bit pricier than other options, the payoff is considered to be worth it. Silicone allows for easier  model release and for high-quality surface finishes. It is a versatile and all-around easy material to use, helping the mold making the process go more smoothly.

Silicone molds have an impressive shelf life and can be used over and over again, offsetting the costs of purchasing silicone in the first place. You can also select from very soft to very firm silicone materials, depending on your unique needs.  There are food safe, skin safe, and high heat silicones to choose from.

One of the most valuable aspects of choosing silicone molding rubber in Vancouver is that molds made of silicone are self-lubricating. With a self-lubricating mold, you won't have to use any spray release agents, eliminating any problems which might have resulted from the buildup of these agents.

Not having to tinker around with releasing agents also makes it easier to create intricate and highly detailed designs without harming them. In fact, silicone molds can be used to reproduce any number of different objects without causing any surface damage. They are even capable of catching details are intricate as fingerprints!

Another reason why people often swear by the use of silicone is because of its high heat resistance. Silicone rub

ber can be used for casting metals such as tin and pewter, and others which have a melting point of less than 294C. When compared to natural rubber, silicone rubber has a higher vulcanizing point. During wax injection, silicone rubber also holds its shape better than natural rubber.

If making a two part mold with a cut seam, there are clear like silicones that allow for easier removal of the model. You will need the proper materials and the right cutting techniques in order to achieve desired results.   Always use a sharp blade, being extremely careful not to damage the model ( or yourself ).

If you're looking for silicone molding rubber in Vancouver, then you don't need to look any further than Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd. At Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd we carry silicone molding rubber and a variety of useful molding tools that will help you get the best results. Our experienced staff can let you know what your best options are.

Feel free to browse our product catalog or to contact Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd if you have any more questions about the benefits of using silicone rubber for mold making.


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