Vinyl Decking

Go with Tufdek® for Vinyl Decking in Vancouver

Are you tired of painting or staining your deck each year? Are you looking for a deck surface that will not peel, chip, splinter, or crack? Applying a Tufdek® vinyl membrane may be the best option to achieve the look, durability, and longevity you’re after.

For those looking to install vinyl decking in Vancouver, Tufdek® is a great way to achieve the same results, but without the need to tear down and replace your existing deck. All that is required to prepare your wooden deck for a Tufdek® installation is some light sanding and patching of any holes.

There are many reasons to choose a Tufdek® deck covering over other types of decking materials. Read on to learn more about this innovative product that will save you time and money, while also increasing the enjoyment and use of the deck surface.

Vinyl Deck Membranes — Perfect for Vancouver and All Climates!

Tufdek® has been tested in the most unforgiving climates, from high up in the Arctic Circle, to the hottest, most humid areas along the equator. In fact, millions of square feet of Tufdek® have stood the test of time, and that is why we recommend vinyl deck membranes for Vancouver homeowners considering a vinyl deck.

Vinyl is a wonderful material for outdoor decks, which is why more homeowners choose vinyl decking in Vancouver. With Tufdek®, you can achieve all the same results as a vinyl deck, by simply adding on a Tufdek® vinyl membrane to an existing wooden deck.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

As a waterproof membrane, your Tufdek® surface can be easily cleaned with a garden hose. For areas with excessive soiling, simply use a mop or textured sponge, along with some dish soap, to remove dirt and grime.

Like vinyl decks, your Tufdek® deck covering is easy to maintain. Unlike wooden decks, the Tufdek® vinyl membrane does not require annual sanding, staining, or painting.

Cool to the Touch

On hot days, wood planks, especially those with a dark stain, can really turn up the heat on bare feet. As vinyl is a weak conductor of solar heat, kids and adults can comfortably walk barefoot on the Tufdek® vinyl membrane without having to worry about burning their feet.

Easy to Install

Even if you’ve never stained or painted a deck, you will have no problem following the provided installation directions of your Tufdek® vinyl membrane. To prepare the surface, all it takes is a little light sanding and some patching. You will then want to fill in the space between the planks to create a smooth surface. Next, add edging to the inside and outside wall corners, and along the edges. Finally, lay your Tufdek® vinyl membrane and adhere it to the surface. That’s it!

Ready to get started? Contact Fiber-Tek to get started on your Tufdek® vinyl membrane deck cover project! We can be easily reached by calling 604-294-8116 or read the installation instructions here.

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