Using Resin Casting to Make Beautiful
and Unique Jewelry

Did you know that polyurethane casting resins in Vancouver, from a retailer such as Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd, can be used to create pieces of jewelry? While often associated more with making casts and molds, polyurethane resins are particularly well-suited to the hobby of making home-made jewelry.

Polyurethane casting resins can give your imagination free reign, as they can be used to create any size, shape, or design that you desire. You'll be able to make a wide variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, you just need some quick pointers to get started.

The jewelry making process begins with finding a high-quality polyurethane resin that is well-suited for the job, preferably one that is UV resistant and non-yellowing. Once you've got your materials, make a plan of how you want your piece of jewelry to look, including details such as shape, size, and color. Think about what you want to add to the filler as well. There are a variety of fillers that can be cast into the resin, such as sparkles, glitter, beads, flowers, and even special keepsakes.

Once you've prepared the mold and allowed it to cure, you need to mix your resin with the proper amounts of hardener. Make sure you mix thoroughly to prevent air bubbles from forming. You can color the resin by simply adding a few drops of opaque pigment or transparent dye  while mixing.

If you won't be adding fillers, then you can pour your mixed resin into the prepared mold, filling the mold all the way up to the top. If you have objects to add, you can then add them into the mold after a bit of resin has already been poured and semi cured in the bottom. Once the object has been added, fill the mold to the top with resin.

Now you can cover your mold and leave it overnight to cure. Once it has finished curing, the mold should pop out with ease. You can use an exacto knife and sandpaper to smooth the edges of your piece. Attach your resin cast to a ring, an earring loop, or a necklace string, and you've made your own piece of jewelry.

As you can see, the process of making jewelry out of quality polyurethane casting resins from a Vancouver retailer is a simple one. It gives you the opportunity to play with some creative ideas and to show off your pieces when you are done.

If you're interesting in making some beautiful and unique jewelry of your own and you need to gather some supplies before starting, then Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd is here to help. We carry quality polyurethane casting resins and mold making material in Vancouver that can be used to bring any of your jewelry ideas to life. We also carry a variety of products and accessories that can help your jewelry making projects go much more smoothly.

For any other questions or information about our products, you can visit or call Coast Fiber-Tek Products Ltd today.
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