Telesis™ Adhesive Remover

Remove Stage Prosthetics with Telesis™ Adhesive Remover for Sensitive Skin

Telesis™ Adhesive Remover is a superior silicone adhesive remover that is specially formulated for use on sensitive skin. Telesis™, as Vancouver stage and screen actors know, creates some of the best makeup and prosthetic adhesives on the market today. One of the reasons for this product’s popularity is how firmly it keeps stage prosthetics adhered to the skin. Telesis™ Adhesive Remember makes it much easier to remove the adhesive and stage prosthetic from the skin.

This specialty silicone adhesive remover from Telesis™ is perfect for those with sensitive skin, too! Telesis™ Adhesive Remover is specially formulated with a blend of silicone, vitamins D and E, aloe vera, and botanical extracts. This product has the same adhesive removal strength as Super Solv, but is gentle enough to be used on those with sensitive skin. In fact, your skin will most likely feel softer and more hydrated than before you applied the adhesive!

Telesis™ Adhesive Remover has undergone numerous dermatological studies and has been proven safe for use on those with sensitive skin. Telesis™ products are used in a range of industries, including cosmetic and medical applications. All of the thinners are non-flammable and designed to be used with corresponding Telesis™ adhesives. Please note that these adhesives and thinners should not be blended with any other products and all labels should be read carefully.

Directions for Use

Simply pour Telesis™ Adhesive Remover onto a clean cloth or cotton swab and apply as need. This product may be mixed with Super Solv for those with less-than-sensitive skin.

Order Telesis™ Adhesive Remover

To order this product and others from Telesis™ in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, simply contact Fiber-Tek, Vancouver’s leader in specialty products!

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