Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum for Vancouver Actors’ Hair and Prosthetics

Spirit gum, Vancouver screen and stage actors know, is a very useful adhesive for applying hair props such as beards, mustaches, bald caps, whiskers, sideburns, and other types of prosthetics. As makeup artists’ “secret weapon,” Spirit Gum from Mehron can also be used alongside a number of other visual effects products — especially Plasto Wax!

The creativity doesn’t end with hairpieces; spirit gum can be used to apply lace, feathers, gold leaf, and just about any small ornamentation you can think of adding to your costume. Plus, spirit gum will hold for hours — it even resists heat, water, and sweat!

Spirit Gum with Plasto Wax: Wounds, False Noses, Warts and All!

When you use sprit gum before applying Plasto Wax and other types of texturizing stage makeup, you can be sure that scar, eyebrow cover, gunshot wound, false nose, or wart will stay in place.

How to Use Spirit Gum

Before applying Mehron Spirit Gum, be sure the surface of the skin is clean and dry to ensure proper adhesion. Next, brush spirit gum onto the skin using the included brush attached to the lid. Let the spirit gum dry for a few seconds, then press your hairpiece, mustache, or other stage prosthetic into place. Depending on the materials being used and your own technique, a second coat of spirit gum may be required. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend testing spirit gum first in a place that will not be visible to the audience or cameras.
To remove spirit gum from the skin, Fiber-Tek recommends Telesis™ Adhesive Remover. This product works just as well as Super Solv and Super Solv Plus, but designed for those with sensitive skin!

A Little Bit of Vancouver Film Trivia

Twenty years after the invention of spirit gum, Vancouver saw its first “big-time” film shot in the city. The year was 1910 and the name of the production was The Cowpuncher’s Glove. We looked, but could not find any plot information on this movie — sorry! But, you’ll be pleased to know that “cowpuncher” is simply an archaic term for “cowboy,” so no cows were actually punched in the making of the movie (we hope).


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