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Release Cream for Body Double

Body Double™ Release Cream: (available from Smooth-On) is a non-toxic skin conditioner that will aid in releasing Body Double™ mold rubber from skin surfaces with or without hair. It washes off with soap and water. It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25214 1 oz. 4.85
25215 3.5 oz. 14.95

Hair-Release Additive for Body Double®

HYPER-FOLIC® Release Additive is a non-toxic, skin conditioning liquid that is mixed with Body Double® silicone mold rubber prior to applying rubber to the skin. HYPER-FOLIC® will not only aid in releasing cured rubber from the skin but will also release cured rubber from hair-covered skin surfaces (closely cropped beards, moustaches, eye-brows, pubic hair, etc.)

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Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25216 1 pint 31.80

Thi-Vex® II
Thixotropic Agent for Thickening Smooth-On Silicone Rubbers

THI-VEX II® is made especially for thickening Smooth-On’s Mold Max® 10, 20 & 30 (tin-catalyst), Smooth-Sil® 920, 930, 940 & 950 (platinum-catalyst) and Dragon Skin® (platinum catalyst) silicones for vertical surface application (making brush-on molds). Different viscosities can be attained by varying the amount of THI-VEX® II.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25257 1 oz. 6.70
25225 1 pint 33.30
25226 1 gal. 233.45

Silicone Thinner®
Silicone Rubber Thinning Fluid

Silicone Thinner® is a non-reactive silicone fluid that will lower the mixed viscosity of tin cure (condensation) or platinum cure (addition) silicone rubber products.

Silicone Thinner® offers the following advantages:
• A lower mixed viscosity (A+B) means that the rubber will de-air faster when vacuuming.
• Mixed rubber (A+B) will flow better over intricate model detail.
• Silicone Thinner® will lower the ultimate shore hardness (durometer) of cured silicone rubber.
• Pot life (working time) is increased in proportion to the amount of Silicone Thinner® used.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25227 1 pint 23.65
25228 1 gal. 99.45
25222 5 gal 385.85

Silicone Tactile Mutator

Slacker® is one component translucent clear fluid that is added “by volume” to our translucent platinum-cure silicones such as Dragon Skin® and Ecoflex® products. Slacker® will change the “feel” of the silicone rubber to a softer and more “flesh-like” material. It also alters the rebound properties of the silicone,
making it feel more like human tissue.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25229 1 pint 33.60
25239 1 gal 191.50
25254 5 gal 722.05

Skin Tite®
Platinum Silicone Bio-Adhesive & Appliance Builder

Skin Tite® is a versatile two-component silicone rubber product that can be used as;
1. A Bio-Adhesive to temporarily adhere platinum silicone appliances (such as wounds, scars, masks, prosthetic appliances and more) directly to human skin. Appliances bend and flex and will stay put until you take them off!

2. An “On Skin” Sculpting Medium - Create Wounds, Scars, etc. Directly On The Skin! Skin Tite® can be combined with Silc-Pig® silicone pigments and a small amount of Thi-Vex® thixotropic additive to create silicone appliances directly on the skin.

3. A Casting Medium for casting into molds to create molded, reusable appliances (wounds, scars, etc.).

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25230 2 x 4 oz. 31.15
25470 2 x 1 pt. 90.20
25223 2 x 2oz. 16.15

Psycho Paint®
Platinum Silicone Paint Base

Psycho Paint® is a versatile and easy to use platinum silicone paint base developed to help special effects and prosthetic artisans, doll makers, etc. easily create painted-on color effects for their platinum silicone creations. It is a two component translucent clear platinum-cure silicone that is used to make a base for color
pigmenting. Once the desired color is attained, Psycho Paint® is thinned with a solvent. Thin layers of paint can be then be applied to a model’s surface (made of Dragon Skin®, Ecoflex® or other platinum silicone) using an airbrush. It can also be applied by brushing.application.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25231 2 x 4 oz. 29.25

FastCat® 30
Fast Catalyst & Cure Accelerator
For Mold Max® 30 Silicone Rubber

FastCat® 30 silicone rubber catalyst will accelerate the cure time of Mold Max® 30 silicone rubber. Used in place of (or in combination with) Mold Max® 30 regular Part B catalyst, FastCat® 30 will reduce the demold time from overnight to as little as 30 minutes.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25238 .2 lb. 11.95
25232 1 lb. 29.20
25233 1/2 gal. 110.05

Mold Max® 30 Part "B" only

Part no. Size Cost
25255 1 pint 23.85
25256 1/2 gal 110.70

Tin Cure Silicone Accelerator

Accel-T® is a one-component additive that will reduce the cure time of Smooth-On tin cure silicone rubber compounds from overnight to a few hours in proportion to the amount added.
Accel-T® is added as a percentage of part B

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25234 1 oz. 16.00

Plat-Cat™ Platinum Silicone
Cure Accelerator

Plat-Cat™ Platinum Silicone Cure Accelerator is an additive designed to “accelerate” the cure time of Smooth-On platinum silicone rubber products without significantly affecting the ultimate physical properties. This allows for much faster removal (demold) of a part or rubber mold from the original model.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25235 1 pint 77.40

Silicone Rubber Adhesive

Sil-Poxy® is a one component adhesive made specifically for bonding RTV silicone rubber to silicone rubber and other substrates including some plastics (urethane), plasters/ceramics, fabrics, etc. Sil-Poxy® will work with tin- or platinum-cure silicones and provides a strong, flexible bond between silicone parts with high elongation. Can be colored with Silc-Pig® silicone pigments. Cured adhesive resists weathering, moisture, UV and high temperatures.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25236 .5 oz. 18.90
25237 3 oz. 50.35

Silc Pig® Pigments
For Tin & Platinum Silicone Rubbers

Silc Pig® Silicone Pigments are used for coloring tin-cure silicone rubber compounds such as Mold Max® translucent ‘T’ Series products and platinum-cure silicones such as Dragon Skin® and Ecoflex rubbers. Silc Pig® also works well with Smooth-On’s skin effects systems such as Psycho Paint® and Skin Tite®.

Custom colors are possible by blending different Silc Pig® colors. Attaining just the right color for your application may require trial and error testing. Small scale testing is recommended before using substantial amounts of material for any project.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25240 4 oz. White 31.40
25241 4 oz. Black 31.40
25242 4 oz. Yellow 31.40
25243 4 oz. Brown 31.40
25244 4 oz. Flesh 42.50
25245 4 oz. Green 31.40
25246 4 oz. Red 31.40
25247 4 oz. Blue 31.40
25248 4 oz. Blood 57.65
25250 9 pk assorted 43.15

Color Dispersion Paste
For Urethane

Part no. Size Cost
25430 113.4 gr. White 28.90
25431 113.4 gr. Black 28.90

Liquid Urethane Colorants

SO-Strong™ liquid urethane colorants can be added to any Smooth-On liquid urethane rubber, urethane plastic or urethane foam (do not use with Smooth-On silicones). They can be used to create a variety of color effects for a wide range of material applications.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25435 2 oz. Black 25.00
25436 2 oz. White 25.00
25437 2 oz. Brown 25.00
25438 2 oz. Yellow 25.00
25439 2 oz. Purple 25.00
25440 2 oz. Green 25.00
24441 2 oz. Orange 25.00
25442 2 oz. Red 25.00
25443 2 oz. Flesh 25.00
25444 2 oz. Blue 25.00
25251 9 pk assorted 43.15

UVO® Colorants
UV Resistant Colorants For Epoxy or Urethane Materials

UVO® Colorants are concentrated, phthalate-free urethane color pigments that resist ultra-violet light. By adding a small amount of UVO® to a Smooth-On epoxy, urethane rubber, plastic or foam product, these pigment dispersions will yield opaque castings (vs. SO-Strong color tints that can yield translucent urethane castings). For glowing fluorescent color effects, use Ignite® colorants.
UVO® Colorants are highly concentrated, offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. A very small amount will color
a proportionally large amount of liquid epoxy or urethane. The more you add in proportion to the volume of liquid material, the more dramatic the color effect. Recommended loading range is .01% to 3% of total system weight. Do not overload the liquid system or cure inhibition / oozing may occur.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25900 2 oz. Black 23.55
25901 2 oz. Blue 23.55
25902 2 oz. Brown 23.55
25903 2 oz. Green 23.55
25904 2 oz. Orange 30.50
25905 2 oz. Red 25.70
25906 2 oz. Violet 23.55
25907 2 oz. White 23.70
25908 2 oz. Yellow 23.55
25253 9 pk assorted 43.15

Ignite™ Fluorescent Color for
Liquid Rubbers, Plastics & Foams

The Ignite™ line of liquid fluorescent colorants is compatible with Smooth-On urethane rubbers, plastics, foams (rigid and flexible) and tin-catalyzed silicone (Ignite will work with platinum-catalyzed silicone, but has a thickening effect on the rubber - see below). The fluorescent or “glow” effect is maximized under ultra-violet
light or “black light.” The most dramatic color effect is realized when an Ignite colorant is used with a clear or translucent urethane rubber (such as Clear Flex 50) or plastic (such as Smooth-Cast 325).

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25450 4 oz. Red 25.00
25451 4 oz. Blue 25.00
25452 4 oz. Green 25.00
25453 4 oz. Orange 25.00
25454 4 oz. Pink 25.00
25455 4 oz. Yellow 25.00
25456 4 oz. Magenta 25.00
25252 9 pk assorted 43.15

UV Glow Additive for Urethanes and Siliconesr

Cryptolyte™ is a translucent liquid additive that causes cured Smooth-On silicone rubbers, urethane rubbers, plastics or foams to glow a bright blue under a focused ultra violet light source (blacklight). You will not see the glow effect without an UV light source.

When mixed at low percentages it will not affect clarity or color of material. For example, Cryptolyte™ can be added to Crystal Clear™ water clear resins and the glow effect will not be evident until the casting is illuminated by a UV light source.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25460 1 oz. 10.55

URE-FIL™ 3 Filler

Smooth-On URE-FIL fillers disperse easily in most Smooth-On casting resins. They can be added to these resins in different proportions to achieve a variety of working properties and effects. Castings made using these fillers will be lighter in mass and are often be easier to cut, sand, machine, and shape. URE-FIL can be added to thicken resins for brush-on application. These fillers are also economical extenders that will reduce the cost of each casting, depending on the amount of filler used.
URE-FIL 3 is a ceramic filler that is white in color and will give castings a ceramic-like finish. Minimum mix ratio is 1A:1B: 1part Urefil 3.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25465 1 gal. 29.35
25466 5 gal. 116.95

Softener for PMC-121/50 & PMC-744

‘SO-FLEX®’ is a softening agent that will lower the cured durometer of a variety of Smooth-Onflexible polyurethane products. The charts below indicate the effect ‘SO-FLEX®’ has on fully
cured (7 days) PMC®-121/50 and PMC®-744 when added as a percentage of the total mix. This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25395 1 pint. 22.20

Accelerator for Smooth-On Urethane Rubbers

Smooth-On Kick-It® Cure Accelerator is an additive designed to “accelerate” the cure time of Smooth-On VytaFlex®, ReoFlex® and PMC® rubber products without significantly affecting the
ultimate physical properties. This allows for much faster removal (demold) of a part or rubber mold from the original model.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25396 1 pint 51.05
25397 1 gal. 303.20

Slo-Jo® Platinum Silicone Cure Retarder

Slo-Jo® Platinum Silicone Cure Retarder is an additive designed to extend the pot life (working time) of Smooth-On platinum silicone rubber products and Soama Foama® silicone foam without affecting the ultimate physical properties. The retarder is added by weight to Part B and should be thoroughly mixed into Part B before adding Part A.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information

Part no. Size Cost
25217 1 pint 28.30

XTEND-IT® Dry Gas Blanket
Extend The Shelf Life Of Urethanes

XTEND-IT® is a dry gas blanket designed to extend the shelf life of moisture sensitive polyurethane products by displacing the air in the container it is sprayed into.
Applying the XTEND-IT® dry gas blanket to the unused portion of a liquid polyurethane, before replacing the lid on the container, will significantly extend the shelf life of the product.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25599 10 oz. 34.70

PMC- 724 Accesories


Part no. Size Cost
25393 1 lb. 29.65
PMC-724 "A"
Part no. Size Cost
25391 .9 lb. 14.85

Inhibit X®

Inhibit X® is a single component, low-viscosity liquid that provides an added measure of protection against cure inhibition when pouring platinum silicone rubbers over many surfaces including spray adhesives, tapes, wood surfaces, some plastics, SLA resins and others.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25224 1 pint 77.45

Matrix™ Chopped Glass - For 'Layup' Applications

With the addition of glass fibers in the form of fiberglass matting or chopped fibers, duoMatrix-G® , C® and NEO® can be "laid up" to make elements that are thin, lightweight and exceptionally strong.

MSDS Sheet
Technical Information
Part no. Size Cost
25595 2 lbs. 23.75
25596 5 lbs. 53.40


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