Sculpting Clays

Chavant Clay - (2 lb. Block)

NSP (Sulfur Free)
NSP is a sulfur-free, somewhat tougher, waxier, sculpting Plasteline, used widely in Fine Arts and Special Effects. Can be melted and poured at approximately 185º F.
Available in: Soft, Medium and Hard; Green, Brown or Tan.
(Tan color will vary)

Part no.   Cost
20080 Soft Brown 15.70
20083 Soft Green 15.70
20085 Med Brown 15.70
20084 Med Green 15.70
20088 Hard Brown 15.70

Chavant Clay - (2 lb. Block)

Le Beau Touché – (Sulfur Free)
Le Beau Touché is a sulfur-free, extremely smooth, flexible and tacky sculpting Fine Art Plasteline with exceptional adhesive quality. The HM formula is less sensitive to heat variations and is suggested for use where working environment is expected to reach 90º F. HM is slightly firmer and less tacky than Le Beau Touché – Original. Available in: Green, Brown or Cream. (Cream color will vary)

Le Beau Touché
Part no.   Cost
20094 Brown 15.70
20096 Cream 15.70
20097 Green 15.70

Chavant Clay - (2 lb. Block)

Professional Plasteline (Sulfur Based)
A superior, sulfur based, silky smooth modeling compound. The material is soft, permanently pliable, reusable and requires no heating. Chavant's original formula and blending process assures Plasteline of consistent high quality. Available in: Gray-Green or Brown.
Professionbal Plasteline
Part no.   Cost
20090 Dark Brown 13.45
20092 Gray Green 13.45

J-Mac® Classic Clay

The original sulfur-free J.F. McCaughin (J-Mac®) Classic® Clay for professional sculptors is available in three hardnesses and two different colors. It is easy to work with and requires minimal armature support. Classic Clay is compatible with many molding rubbers and can be heat-controlled to vary working hardness. Soft available in Tan only.
Professionbal Plasteline
Part no. 10lb slab Cost
20044 AB250 Soft Beige 59.00
20045 AB225 Med Beige 59.00
20046 AB210 Med Brown 59.00
20047 AB220 Firm Beige 59.00
20048 AB200 Firm Brown 59.00


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