Green & Blue Marble Selr

GREEN MARBLE SeLr  was originally designed to seal makeup and prevent it from rubbing off on costumes. Being the most durable makeup sealer on the market today.
GREEN MARBLE AGING CONCENTRATE offers a subtle approach to aging, from just a couple of years to many decades. To achieve the desired affect, the finished product will require a translucent and equally subtle paint. The Skin Illustrator color systems provide the perfect compliment.
BLUE MARBLE SeLr SPRAY is a water based alternative to the tougher  Green Marble SeLr Spray and is an excellent sealer for those with more sensitive skin or those who have negative reactions to alcohol based products.  BLUE MARBLE SeLr SPRAY seals anything from street makeup to heavier RMG theatrical makeups. Waterproof, this sealer is gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough for special effects short of underwater work.

Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive

Green Marble SeLr Spray
Part No.. Description Cost
27524 1 oz. 15.00
27526 4 oz. 25.00

Telesis 5 Silicone Matte Lace Adhesive

Green Marble SeLr Concentrate
Part No.. Description Cost
27528 1 oz. 17.00
27530 4 oz. 48.00
27532 8 oz. 74.00

Blue Marble SeLr Spray

Blue marble SeLr Spray
Part No.. Description Cost
27518 1 oz. 15.00
27520 4 oz. 25.00
27522 8 oz. 40.30